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Seaboard Marine (Belize)

Address: 1 Mapp Street, Belize City, Belize

Tel: (501) 223-0069 or (501) 224-5221

Fax: (501) 224-5319




Seaboard Marine (Belize)

Seaboard Marine is an ocean transportation company that for more than 28 years has provided direct, regular service between the United States and the Caribbean Basin, Central and South America. Seaboard started its new route to Belize on September 15th 2010, and has left hundreds of customers satisfied with its cheap rates and friendly customer service.

Seaboard Marine provides Belize shipping and freight services service from Port Miami, USA to Belize City, Belize. The Miami warehouse is located at 8001 NW 79 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33166. We provide three-day service as vessels depart every Saturday from Miami and arrive in Belize every Tuesday.

In order for our customers to receive shipments on time, we request all cargo and documentation be in by Thursday at 4:00 PM. Any shipments received after this day and time will not arrive in Belize within the three days.

 8 LCL  
 6 D-Container
 7 Full Container
 5 Reefers
 4 Project Cargo
 3 Heavy Equipment
 2 Flat beds
 1 And more!
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Benefits of using Seaboard

  Convenient schedules
  Unmatched customer service
  Have over 35 ships in our fleet and expanding
  Shipping to over 31 countries
  Over 50,000 Containers on hand
  Shipping Directly out of the port of Miami
  State of the art security to prevent delays
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